What Are Some Different Dollz Mania Dollmaker Games?


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As of January 2016, Dollz Mania games include Game of Thrones Style Dressup, Medieval Warrior Style Dressup, Monster High Style, Halloween Costume Dressup and Steampunk Style Dressup. Each set offers different dolls and accessories for creating and saving unique dolls.

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The Game of Thrones Style Dressup set includes a selection of 20 female and eight male dolls. Each doll has a different skin tone and eye color combination. This game offers 44 different female hair styles and 22 male styles. The set includes robes, pants, dresses, accessories and weapons.

The Medieval Warrior Style Dressup offers 22 female warrior dolls and 80 different hairstyle selections. Clothing offered includes body suits, dresses, tights, pants and capes. Accessories include a variety of weapons and head pieces.

The Monster High Dressup features 32 doll models of different skin tones and features. Dolls are available with fangs, gills, stitching and animal prints modelled after the Monster High characters. Users select from 70 different hair styles and colors. The set features dresses, tops, skirts, tights, shoes and jackets.

Halloween Costume Dressup offers 36 female dolls of different skin tones and eye color. Dolls are available with fangs, skeleton and stitches makeup. Users choose from 97 hair styles and colors and can add a variety of elements including skirts, blouses, shoes, tights, hats, capes and weapons to create a Halloween costume for the dolls.

Steampunk Style Dressup offers19 female dolls of different skin and eye color combinations. Users choose from 16 different hair styles and colors. Clothing choices include tights, skirts, pants, blouses and dresses. Steampunk style includes many types of shoe and jewelry accessories.

In each game, users create dolls and can save them on their computers.

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