What Are Some Different Designs for Upcycling T-Shirts?


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Different designs for up-cycled t-shirts include fashion accessories such as fabric flowers, infinity scarves and bracelets. Other design ideas include home decor items such as hand-tied shag rugs, throw pillows, duvet covers and wall hangings.

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To construct a fabric flower, gather scissors, a t-shirt, and needle and thread. Start by cutting a strip that is 6 inches long and 1.5 inches wide from the t-shirt. Next, fold the strip in half length-wise, and twist the end. Crush and flatten the twist to create the bud base. Fold the strip at a 90-degree angle under the bud.

Continue making 90-degree folds, rotating the bud counter-clockwise as you go, until the entire strip is used. To finish, stitch through the center with a needle and thread.

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