What Are Some Different Crochet Stitches?


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Different types of crochet stitches include the chain stitch, the slip stitch, the single crochet, the half double crochet and the double crochet. These five stitches are among the basic stitches beginning crocheters need to master before going on to more complicated ones.

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The chain stitch is usually the first stitch one learns. It is usually the way most crochet projects begin and is frequently used between rows of stitches.

The slip stitch often joins the different parts of a crocheted item. It also adds design elements or works color in to a project.

The single crochet stitch is probably the most important one to know, as it figures in almost all crochet projects. It is also a very easy stitch to learn.

The half double crochet stitch is shorter than the double but taller than the single. Also easy to learn, it appears in rows, rounds and shapes.

The double crochet stitch is a tall stitch and adds texture to a crocheted piece. It too appears somewhere in most projects.

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