What Is Different About a Bosendorfer Piano?

The Boesendorfer Model 290 Imperial piano has nine extra bass keys. Its soundboard is also larger than all other concert grand piano models. This 9 1/2-foot spruce piano has a loud, unusually rich voice due to its size and extended bass range, according to the manufacturer.

The Model 290 Imperial is the most complicated and difficult-to-manufacture piano in the Boesendorfer catalog, according to Company7.com. Each piano is hand-built by artisans, most of whom train for at least 12 years. The spruce used in the Model 290 Imperial comes from branchless sections of perfectly straight trees with tight, evenly spaced rings.

Boesendorfer produces many other grand, concert grand and upright piano models. The company also manufacturers several types of electro-acoustic piano, including the Silent Piano. Created in collaboration with Yamaha, the Silent Piano is a three-pedal instrument that allows players to practice on an acoustic instrument while wearing headphones. Depressing the middle pedal immobilizes the piano's interior hammers, preventing them from striking the strings when the player presses the keys. When the player immobilizes the hammers, keystrokes generate electric tones audible through the piano's headset. This enables the player to hear himself during practice without disturbing other people. The Silent Piano also offers recording and playback.