What Are Some Differences Between PlayStation and XBOX?


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When comparing the PlayStation 3 (PS3) and Xbox 360 gaming systems, some of the differences are price, media capabilities and Wi-Fi connection capability. The PS3 console is priced slightly lower than the Xbox, has built in wireless capability and can play Blu-Ray, CDs and DVDs. The Xbox can only play CDs and DVDs, and all of the Xbox models, except the S model, need an add-on for wireless connection.

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The PS3 is available in a 160 GB and 320 GB system, and the Xbox is available in 4 GB and 250 GB versions, with both supporting the motion sensor Kinect. The Xbox runs on an ATI Xenos graphics processor, and the PS3 runs on a Nvidia RSX graphics processor. The actual processor for the operation of the gaming systems are PowerPC Xenon for Xbox and an IBM processor for the PS3.

Both consoles have online services that offer subscriptions. Members can download games, get early access to new game releases, play against people from around the world and take advantage of promotions. PlayStation Plus runs approximately $50 per year, and Xbox Live is about $60 for an individual subscription and also offers family subscriptions, as of 2015. Both game systems support wireless and wired controllers, with the PS3 allowing up to seven wireless controllers to play at one time and the Xbox up to four controllers at one time.

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