What Are the Differences Between "Animal Jam 2" and the Original "Animal Jam" Game?

What Are the Differences Between "Animal Jam 2" and the Original "Animal Jam" Game?

Developers haven't made a second “Animal Jam” as of July 2015. Some arcade websites such as Puncharcade.com claim to have "Animal Jam 2," but the game link takes players to the website of the original “Animal Jam” game.

WildWorks, in collaboration with National Geographic, developed “Animal Jam.” The goal of the game is to provide a safe and fun environment for kids to explore and learn about the natural world. The games within the “Animal Jam” universe focus on instilling a strong foundation in kids to protect nature and to show them that science is fun.

When children start “Animal Jam,” they have the opportunity to create their own animal character. This animal represents them in the “Animal Jam” virtual world. Then, they play games, chat with other players, go on adventures and adopt pets to raise while learning about the natural world.

“Animal Jam” is completely free to play and doesn't feature any in-game advertising. Children can choose to sign up for an “Animal Jam” membership to gain access to new dens, items, animals and accessories. The money that each membership generates keeps the game free of advertisements.

To keep kids safe, “Animal Jam” features in-game moderators. Along with chat filters, these moderators keep “Animal Jam” a safe place for kids to play online and enjoy educational content.