What Is the Difference Between Silk and Satin?

The biggest difference between silk and satin is that silk is a specific material that is used to make fabric, and satin is a fabric weave that can be made using a variety of materials, including silk. Silk is a naturally produced fabric material that is made by silk worms.

Although silk can be weaved as satin, which is characterized by a rough, dull back and a shiny, smooth front, satin is also inexpensively made from synthetic materials such as nylon or polyester. Fabric that is made from man-made materials such as polyester may be marketed as satin silk made from polyester, but in that case the fabric in question is not actually silk, because it is not made from the product of a silk worm.

There are multiple kinds of satin available to consumers, including charmeuse, which is commonly made of silk, farmer's satin or Venetian cloth, which is a cotton fabric with a satin weave, and gattar, which is made with both silk and cotton. There are also multiple kids of silk, including mulberry, tasar and eri silk,and while these materials are only made from a single kind of material, their differences are characterized by various factors, including the species of worm that makes them.