What Is the Difference Between One-Suit and Two-Suit Spider Solitaire?


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One-suit solitaire is played with only the spades while two-suit solitaire is played with the spades and the hearts from either a single or double deck of playing cards. During the game, the goal is to expose or clear all the cards in play regardless of the number of suits used.

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What Is the Difference Between One-Suit and Two-Suit Spider Solitaire?
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The game is played by building the cards in a descending order from king to ace in the available columns. The game is won by building all eight column sequences and moving them to their foundations.

Traditional solitaire is played using all four suits, spades, hearts, clubs and diamonds from two decks of playing cards. The easiest skilled version of the game only uses one suit, the medium skilled version is played using two suits, the hard skilled version is played with three suits and the advanced version is played with all four suits.

The descending order of the cards is played within the same suit, meaning the queen of hearts must be placed on the king of hearts in order to build a foundation. The empty tables at the top of the game play allow players to move any card they want to the spot in order to gain an advantage on the game either by arranging already dealt cards or by drawing cards from the deck.

One-suit and two-suit spider solitaire games can be played online at a variety of online gaming sites, as well as through pre-installed games on many home computers.

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