What Is the Difference Between Nubuck and Suede?

Nubuck is made from the outer part of leather while suede is made from the inside part of the leather. Nubuck is made from sanding or grinding top-grain leather, which is the most common type of leather used to make high-quality leather products.

Nubuck has a velvety texture due to the buffing that is done on the grain side of the leather, which produces a soft napped surface. Naps are short protein fibers on the leather's surface that help produce the velvet-like surface. Nubuck is stronger and more resilient to damage than suede. It also has natural leather markings that are left behind, giving it a rougher look than suede.

Suede is much softer than nubuck, as it is produced from the inner side of the leather that is in contact with the flesh of the animal. It is sanded down and buffed to remove all impurities. Suede has a greater flexibility than nubuck. However, since it is made from a delicate part of the leather, it is much more refined. Suede is a good lining material for shoes like loafers, but it is not as tough as nubuck. It can also get stained easily, as it has a more porous surface, and it is advised to apply a protectant on its surface.