What Is the Difference Between the Newberry Dolls and the American Girl Dolls?

One major difference between Newberry dolls and American Girl dolls is where and for how much they are sold. American Girl sells its dolls in America from its own boutiques, while Newberry sells its dolls primarily through Sears in Canada, usually for lower prices than the American Girl dolls.

The stature of the dolls are similar, with both American Girl and Newberry dolls being 18 inches tall with movable limbs. The dolls from both collections are made to resemble girls between the ages of 8 and 11 years old; both collections feature a line of infant dolls, as well.

In terms of the dolls' faces, Newberry doll eyes are glass with eyelids that don't close, whereas American Girl doll eyes are not glass with eyelids that do close. American Girl dolls typically are portrayed smiling and showing their front teeth, but Newberry dolls tend to be less expressive. Newberry doll faces are somewhat fuller than the faces on American Girl dolls. There are a variety of choices when it comes to clothing and accessories for dolls from either collection, but the clothes for American Girl dolls can tend to be more close-fitting. Another noticeable difference is that American Girl dolls typically have shorter torsos and longer legs than the Newberry dolls.