What Is the Difference Between Cigars and Cigarettes?

difference-between-cigars-cigarettes Credit: Alex Brown/CC-BY-2.0

According to the National Cancer institute, cigars differ from cigarettes in size as well as the type of tobacco used in production. Cigars are usually only one type of tobacco that has been both fermented and air-cured. Cigarette tobacco is made from different blends and is never fermented.

Cigarettes contain less than one gram of tobacco, while cigars contain anywhere from one gram to 20 grams. This means the larger cigars, which are 5 to 20 grams, can include up to a whole cigarette pack's worth of tobacco. Another difference is that cigar smokers often do not inhale; however, when they do, cigar smoke poses the same risk as cigarette smoke by exposing them to carcinogenic chemicals. Cigar smoke contains more tar, a higher level of toxins and a higher level of carcinogenic substances, says the National Cancer Institute.