When Did "your Mama" Jokes Become Popular?

"Your mama" jokes became popular in 2006, when searches for this term spiked on the Internet. Its popularity decreased after 2007 and has remained steady ever since. "Your mama" jokes may also be known as "yo mama", "yo momma", or "your mum" jokes, depending on the region.

"Your mama" or "yo mama" jokes are ones that are created to insult the mother of another person. The joke is globally offensive, as the maternal figure of most families is a position that is seen as the most sacred. The joke typically starts off with an insult to the mother, such as "Your mother is so fat" and then goes on to explain the result of her weight. Popular topics include weight, race, intelligence, unattractiveness or poverty. Nowadays, the joke may be taken lightly if made between friends, but are highly insulting between strangers.