How Do You Get Diamonds in "Minecraft"?

Obtain diamonds in the PC version of "Minecraft" by mining deep underground with an iron pickaxe. These resources appear as diamond ore blocks in the lowest 17 levels of your "Minecraft" world.

  1. Craft iron pickaxes

    Create an iron pickaxe at your crafting table with two sticks and three iron ingots. Place iron ingots in the top row of your crafting table, and then a stick each in the center spot and lower spot of the middle column. Add multiple iron pickaxes to your inventory so you have more after the first one breaks.

  2. Dig deep

    Mine downward, at an angle similar to a simple staircase, until you reach the bottom 17 layers of your "Minecraft" world. Press the F3 key to activate your coordinate system. When your "Z" coordinate is between four and 17, you are at the right depth for diamond mining.

  3. Create mineshafts

    Make a large, main mineshaft with branches for efficient mining patterns. Create a two-by-two hole for horizontal mining, then make another one just like the first along the same rock face four blocks to the left and right. Place horizontal mineshafts two levels above and below each branch, but make each shaft one block over diagonally instead of directly on top of or below the previous shaft.

  4. Find diamond ore

    Locate diamond ore in veins of two to eight pieces. Normal pickaxes produce one diamond gem per block. Pickaxes enchanted with the "fortune" aspect may produce up to four diamonds per block.