How Do You Diagnose PS3 Problems?


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Dagnose PlayStation 3 problems using the error codes that the system provides when something isn't functioning correctly. Once you have an error code, visit websites such as Semperthree.com to find out what the code means.

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Some of the error codes that the PS3 provides are only temporary and shouldn't cause much alarm. For example, 8001050F is an error code that players generally get when trying to access the PlayStation Network. It appears sometimes when the PSN is down or when there is a problem with the internal clock of the console.

There are some error codes that mean the same thing. For example, error codes 80010514 and 80010516 both mean that the PS3 cannot read the game disc. This problem can often be corrected by cleaning the back of the game disc. If the problem persists, however, it could mean that the laser reader inside the console is going bad and that the gamer needs to have it fixed.

When players receive error code 80028EA5, it means that the PS3 is having trouble connecting online. Too much traffic on the PSN can cause this error code, but players should also try rebooting their consoles, routers and modems to ensure that the problem isn't on their end.

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