How Is "Diablo 2" Different From the First "Diablo" Video Game?


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One of the major differences between “Diablo II” and the original “Diablo” is the number and types of character classes available. “Diablo” only featured three different classes (Warrior, Rogue and Sorcerer), whereas “Diablo II” originally featured the Amazon, Barbarian, Necromancer, Paladin and Sorceress character classes and added the Assassin and Druid classes as part of an expansion pack.

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Along with new character classes, “Diablo II” received a graphical overhaul from its predecessor. Released four years after “Diablo,” the sequel was able to include more character detail and introduced brighter color palettes. Where the original “Diablo” featured a more gothic style, “Diablo II” was more cartoonish.

“Diablo” focused mainly on the areas of Tristram and the sanctuary beneath it, but “Diablo II” featured a more expansive setting for the story. Players moved throughout “Diablo” in a more vertical fashion, going down different levels until they reached the final area in Hell. In “Diablo 2,” characters traverse different parts of the world and different environments, including a marsh, desert, sewers, plains and moors.

The story of “Diablo 2” is told through different acts, between which the character travels to a different part of the world following the “Dark Wanderer.” There are five different acts to “Diablo 2” compared to the six levels of “Diablo.”

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