How Do You Determine the Worth of Sacagawea Coins?

Determine the value of a Sacagawea coin by looking up the year and style of coin on a valuation website, such as,, or Auction sites like also provide a good source of reference for actual current and historical sale prices compared to projected values. features a list of information about the composition of a specific minting of Sacagawea coin, including their obverse and reverse images and the percentages of different metals used in the coin. Beneath this section is a listing of the current value of the metals commonly found in coins per pound, along with calculations that show the value of the metal used in the coin. For example, as Sacagawea coins minted between 2000 and 2014 consist of 85 percent copper and the price of cooper per pound is $2.75, as of March 2015, the value of the copper in the coin is $0.04.

Another way to determine the value of a Sacagawea coin is to look at listings on because it is the most commonly used platform for buying and selling collect able coins. Look up past sales to see the prices an individual actually paid for a specific coin to determine a realistic coin value.