How Do You Determine the Value of Vinyl Records?

Ways to estimate the value of vinyl records include researching online price guides, using published price guides, checking online auction houses and visiting record stores. The value of vinyl records ultimately depends on what buyers are willing to pay for them.

Online price guides such as Popsike are good resoruces for finding out the estimated values of vinyl records. A good way to do this is to check the final auction price of a similar record. Although this does not give the true value of the record, it offers good information on what collectors are willing to pay for the record.

Published record price guides are available at libraries, book stores and online book outlets. They offer an easy method of establishing the value of vinyl records. The price guides can be bought used, at discounted prices, at full retail price or even obtained for free depending on the source.

Online auction houses such as eBay are especially useful in getting an idea of what collectors and other buyers are paying for specific vinyl records. Simply check what a similar record sold for to get a sense of what the record is worth.

Lastly, a salesperson at the local record store may have up-to-date information on how much specific vinyl records are selling for. Browsing the bins and checking for the price of identical or similar records is also useful in determining the value of a vinyl record.