How Do You Determine the Value of a Specific Pokemon Card?

To determine the value of a specific Pokemon card, identify the card and then look up the card online, either through a Pokemon card retailer or a site with private party sellers. Pokemon card retailers include and, while offers listings from private party sellers, as of 2015.

To identify a Pokemon card, start by checking its name and rarity. A symbol on the bottom right corner of the card indicates rarity. A circle means "common" and a diamond means "uncommon," both of which are easy-to-find cards that typically aren't worth much. A star means "rare" and a star with the letter "h," or three stars, indicates very rare cards. These cards can be valuable.

Cards with holographic pictures or borders are also sometimes valuable. Pokemon cards have collector numbers and other important information on the bottom, which helps determine the exact card.

After identifying the card, visit the, and home pages and perform searches for the card to view prices for the card on each site. Pokemon card retailers typically charge more for cards than private party sellers do, so if you plan to sell the card, private party listings are a more accurate estimate. Pokemon card retailers often have a buy list, which is the amount they pay for cards.