How Do You Determine the Value of Porcelain Dolls?

How Do You Determine the Value of Porcelain Dolls?

Determine the value of a porcelain doll by its condition, year it was manufactured and rarity of the doll. Additionally, have an antique doll appraiser inspect it for an estimation of its value.

Porcelain dolls are categorized into six conditions: mint, near mint, very fine, fine, good or poor. Dolls kept in the best condition, especially those still in original packaging, appraise for the most money. Use a magnifying glass to thoroughly inspect dolls removed from boxes; pay attention to any chipped paint and missing or broken pieces. Additionally, check to make sure that no one restored the doll, because most collectors only want original dolls.

Dolls with manufacturers' stamps and labels sell for more than those without them. Inspect for the year of manufacturing; dolls made before the 1930s sell for the most. Collectible dolls made in the last 30 years sell for less because of mass production. Unique and rare dolls have the most value.

Check websites that sell antique toys, such as Etsy, and eBay, for rare dolls to determine an estimate of auction prices. Additionally, consult doll pricing sites, such as, the Collect Dolls About page and, for listings of hundreds of antique dolls. These sites give the price ranges for many rare dolls.

Online and offline doll appraisers estimate doll collections based on pictures and identification information.