How Do You Determine the Value of Pokemon Cards?

Determine the value of Pokémon cards using sites such as, Beckett Media, and eBay. These collector sites allow users to look up the values of different cards and see the prices at which they typically sell. offers a listing of prices for many major Pokémon sets, including Jungle, Skyridge, Ruby & Sapphire, and Neo Genesis. The site does not allow users to search for specific cards, but clicking on a set name pulls up a complete price listing for users to browse. The site also includes listings for rare cards, error cards and promotional cards.

Beckett Media is a major’s collector site with price listings for over 17,000 Pokémon cards dating back to 1996. The site features searchable listings for all major sets and other rarer cards. The site is targeted at serious collectors, and full access to its extensive database requires a membership fee. is a free collector site that displays price listings for most Pokémon sets. Users can search for cards by name or browse by set, rarity or type. The site also features a Most Wanted list, displaying cards that are particularly in demand among collectors.

Online auction site eBay is a major venue for selling Pokémon cards, and users can browse the site’s listings to see the typical prices of cards. Selecting Show Only Sold Listings on the side panel of search results can allow users to see the prices of cards that have sold.