How Do You Determine the Value of Old Pennies From the United Kingdom?


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A comprehensive guide to the retail price of pennies from the United Kingdom, reproduced with permission from the British magazine Coin News, is available at Coins-of-the-UK.co.uk as of 2016. The values are the amount a coin dealer would charge for a coin in U.K. pounds.

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Determining the condition of the penny is the first step to finding its value. The standardized condition names are F or Fine, VF or Very Fine, EF or Extremely Fine, and Unc or Uncirculated. An uncirculated coin has no wear at all due to never entering circulation, but this condition does not apply to coins issued before 1815. The value of the coin may be significantly higher if it is uncirculated. For example, an 1843 copper Victoria pence with a condition of F or Fine retails for 90 pounds, while the same coin with an Uncirculated or Unc grade retails for 5,000.

Pennies are categorized by which ruler reigned when the coins were issued, including the reigns of George III, George IV, William IV, and Victoria ruled, between the years 1797 and 1860. The newer bronze pennies are also included in the listing, from the advent of the Victoria Young Head or "Bun" Penny in 1860 until the Elizabeth II bronze pence in 1970. Information on silver pence, which may have dates as early as 1670, is also available.

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