How Do You Determine the Value of McCoy Pottery?


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In order to determine the value of McCoy pottery, use a McCoy pricing resource available online or through bookstores, use an experienced pottery appraiser, view similar pottery sale prices at auction and antique websites or subscribe to Kovels.com, a company that has been providing antique pricing information since 1953. The value of McCoy pottery can vary greatly depending on the piece, its condition and the scarcity of the item.

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In order to determine the value of McCoy pottery, use the following steps.

  1. Use a pricing resource
  2. There are many websites and print resources that offer general valuations for McCoy pottery such as Kovels.com or "Kovels' 2016 Price Guide." Other print publications to help determine the value of McCoy pottery are "McCoy Pottery Collector's Reference and Value Guide" and "Warman's McCoy Pottery: Identification and Price Guide," both available from Amazon.com. Keep in mind the publication date when using a print source; online resources are generally more up-to-date than printed versions. Kovels.com offers a free membership to users and provides access to the website's price guides, forums, calendar and news.

  3. Use an appraisal service
  4. An appraisal is the most accurate price valuation based on the specific item and reflects the item's rarity and condition in its pricing. Appraisal services can be found through local directories or online from websites such as JustArtPottery.com, where owners can view the price of other antique McCoy pottery or purchase an online appraisal for a specific McCoy piece.

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