How Do You Determine the Value of an FB Rogers Silver Company Tea Set?

You can assess the value of an FB Rogers Silver Company tea set using print resources such as's Antiques & Collectibles and Antique Trader Antiquities & Collectibles. Searching prices on eBay also provides information regarding value.

Both the and Antique Trader print pricing resources are available from the respective websites, as well as from larger bookstores, online book retailers and libraries. When reviewing current and recent eBay auctions, search for identifying characteristics of the silver tea set first, then refine as needed to pinpoint the pattern and set in question. As of 2015, antiques appraiser Dr. Lori charges $25 per object for an appraisal based on photographs of the item. It should be noted that the value of the silver tea set is dependent upon the condition and completeness of the set.