How Do You Determine the Value of Your Collector Records?

How Do You Determine the Value of Your Collector Records?

To determine the value of your collector records, use credible price guides, visit a record store, check online auction houses, and use online price guides. Factors that affect the values of collectible records include demand for the music and physical condition.

The most common and easiest way to establish the value of records is to use published record price guides. These can be found at local books stores and online book outlets. Purchasing a record price guide at a book store has the advantage of allowing you to view the item and check that it is suitable for use before spending any money. Books stores may also order specific guides that are not available at the store as long as they are still in print.

Local record stores are also a great source of information when finding out about the price of collector records. Look through same or similar records, and check their price. The salesperson may also be able to provide an estimate. Online record stores sometimes have search features for rare or large collections.

Looking at how much other people paid for similar records at online auction houses such as eBay can help to get an idea of what your collection is worth. This method however shows what collectors are paying rather than the true value of the records.

Lastly, popular online price guides include Popsike and Recordmaster. These price guides offer archives of past auctions. Collector records, no matter how rare, do not typically have a fixed price and their values purely depend on what collectors are willing to pay for them.