How Do You Determine the Value of a Buffalo Nickel Minted in 1913?

Estimate the value of a 1913 Buffalo nickel by determining the condition of the coin, its mint mark and other major attributes and by consulting a price guide such as or Determine the melt value of the coin by consulting the current price of copper.

The mint mark on a coin indicates where it was minted. The government minted Buffalo nickels from 1913 at the mints in Philadelphia, San Francisco and Denver, with the most valuable coins carrying the San Francisco mint mark, followed by those from Denver. Each mint produced two separate designs of the coin, one with the bottom text engraved on a raised surface and one with the text on a recessed surface. Generally, the coins with the recessed engraving surface are valued at a higher price than the other type. Coins in uncirculated, mint and near-mint condition are worth the most, followed by those extremely fine, fine and good condition. The condition of the coin is based upon the wear of the engraving and the rim of the coin. The priciest coins retain all of the details of the original engraving. The value of a particular coin may change over time, depending on the market for it and the number of identical coins available. The monetary value of the coins is 5 cents.