How Do You Determine a Singer Sewing Machine's Date by the Serial Number?

Determine the manufacture date of a Singer sewing machine using the serial number by searching "machine serial numbers" on Singer's website. Open the first link from the search results, and then click on the link that corresponds with the serial number prefix.

  1. Write down the serial number

    Find the serial number on the machine.

  2. Go to the manufacturer's website

    Use an Internet-connected device to open a Web browser, and go to Singer's official website.

  3. Search for the serial number page

    Click in the search box in the upper right of the page next to the magnifying glass. Type in "machine serial numbers," and click the magnifying glass.

  4. Click on the first link titled "Machine Serial Numbers"

  5. Click the link that describes the prefix of the serial number of the sewing machine

  6. Find the serial number on the chart

    The chart displays a range of serial numbers on the left and the manufacture date on the right. Find the correct number range and look to the right for the manufacture date.