How Do You Determine Overall Mission Risk?

Determine overall mission risk by thoroughly researching the part of the world to which you are assigned. Consider your particular mission’s relationship with the local community as you assess the risk level. Your risk level lowers considerably when you have the support of local people.

  1. Research personal safety risks in your deployment area

    Consult the World Fact Book section of the Central Intelligence Agency’s website for political, terrorist and demographic information. Refer to the United States Department of State website for crime and safety reports. Stay abreast of news concerning your assigned area.

  2. Research personal health risks in your assigned location

    Refer to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website for detailed disease information concerning your deployment area. Study the traveler’s health advisory section tailored for mission and disaster relief workers.

  3. Research sanitary risks in your deployment area

    Check UNICEF's website for water, sanitation and hygiene conditions in your assigned location. Contaminated water and unsanitary conditions can lead to serious illness or death.

  4. Study local culture and stay alert

    Learn the language and customs of the indigenous people. Immerse yourself in the local community so you can better sense an imminent threat. Anything out of the ordinary can develop into a hostile, physical or medical threat.