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Free mahjong or taipei games include solitaire games, Mahjong Revealed, and various games with 3D graphics and puzzles. Downloads are available from Gametop, Softonic, and FreeGamePick. Gametop offers a free mahjong download, DesktopTepai has a free taipei download, and FreeGamePick features a game called Mahjong Revealed.

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The free mahjong game offered on Gametop.com features 3D graphics and provides 150 different puzzles. There are four different game modes, and players can save or load games. Mahjong Revealed includes over 80 different boards, and players are able to create their own boards as well. If players get stuck, they are able to watch the solution to any board. Additionally, players have the option to undo and redo moves.

The free downloads are all mahjong solitaire games. Traditional mahjong is a Chinese game played by four players and involving 144 tiles based on Chinese characters and symbols. The tiles are arranged in a 4-tier pattern. Players can remove tiles that are not surrounded by tiles to the right and left. Players may only remove tiles in matching pairs. The goal of the game is to remove all tiles, and players lose if their are no more open sets of tiles to move.

Traditional tile patterns include flower, animal, or jewel shapes that allow players to view possible matches at a glance. Many computer-based mahjong games include an optional time limit, so players can also lose if they run out of time.

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