How Do You Design a Playroom With a Train Theme?


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Kids find it fascinating to play with toy trains. At any budget, you can design a train-themed playroom. Paint the wall of the room blue. It is a lively and heartwarming color for a backdrop. If your budget permits, ask a muralist to paint a train and a track around the perimeter of the room.

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On your own, with your spouse and kids, you can DIY your playroom redo. Make a collage wall using not-so-expensive art of similar theme pieces lying around the house. It can be a fun family project. You can also buy some train posters and pictures. If you have an available budget of $80-$300, you can consider buying a train table and train set. Otherwise, if you have meager resources, opt to buy a train floor mat instead. It costs only around $50. Choose curtains that are striped white and blue or have a train conductor's hat pattern. A bandana material can make a frilly custom window furnishing. Try shopping on eBay for vintage train crossing signs, and decorate them on the door. Buy train picture books and coloring books, music and CDs for your children to play with in their fun train-themed playroom.

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