How Do You Design Your Own Nerf Gun?


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Kids can design their own Nerf guns on the official Hasbro website by playing the “Build-A-Blaster” game. Although kids cannot buy the specialty guns they create, they can save them to their computers to reflect back on later.

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Kids play the “Build-A-Blaster” Flash game using just a computer mouse. After starting, they use the mouse to click on arrows to look through official Nerf guns. Once they find a gun that they like, they can click on part of the gun and drag it up to the building window. Some of the pieces that they can use include a stock, grip and barrel.

The Nerf guns are broken up into series for easy viewing. Some of the series of Nerf guns include the N-Strike Elite, the Drag Tag and the Vortex. Under each series, there are several other guns that fall into that series. For example, under the Drag Tag series, players can use pieces from the Speedload 6 and the Quick 16. Under the N-Strike Elite series, they can use pieces from the Retaliator and the Rampage.

There are other tools in the building window that players can use to make their building experience better. Clicking on the arrow at the top right corner of the building window erases the player's current build so that he can start over. If he wants to get rid of just one piece of the gun, he can drag that piece to the trash can icon.

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