How Do You Design Your Own Doll?


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There are a number of companies that give users the ability to design lifelike dolls for production through their websites, such as American Girl, Mattel and My Twin. To design a doll, use each website to select features such as hair color, eye color and skin color, and create the desired combination of features; then, order and purchase the doll for delivery. Other selectable features include skin tone, freckles and hair length.

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The Barbie doll online styling tool allows you to select an outfit from a range of options, including tops, bottoms, dresses and accessories, and to create a custom t-shirt for the Barbie doll. Each doll comes with three looks. The My Twin dolls are 18-inches tall and offer an online design tool or over-the-phone-ordering. To search American Girl Truly Me 18-inch dolls, use the filter tool to select the desired look. Outfits and accessories come separately.

While the American Girl collection of Truly Me dolls and Mattel Shop “Style your own Barbie doll” feature both give limited appearance and features options for users to choose, the My Twin Just-Like-Me doll maker uses master sculptors to create artistic likenesses of real individuals from photographs. Each of these companies gives the option to choose personalized clothing and accessories for the doll.

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