What Are Some Design Ideas for Vintage Hardware Pulls?

What Are Some Design Ideas for Vintage Hardware Pulls?

Some ideas for vintage hardware pulls include recycling old household items, using unlikely pulls made out of non-metal or plastic materials or using something like concrete. Another idea, according to Bob Vila, is to use natural items like sticks or leather.

Old silverware can form the basis of vintage-looking hardware pulls. Find unpolished or rustic spoons and forks. Bend the silverware to make it more of a curve, and attach it with screws onto the drawers. A old sewing bobbin can serve a similar purpose. Use a bolt through the middle of the bobbin to add strength and style.

Twine and yarn twisted into a circle pattern makes another kind of pull for cabinet drawers. Use hot glue to attach these directly to the door, or use old pulls as a base on which to glue the fabric. Old jewelry like necklaces, bracelets, broaches and larger earrings can also work as draw pulls. Insert part of the piece of jewelry through the pre-drilled holes and attach with wire on the back.

Concrete mix formed into any desirable shape, sanded with silicon carbine paper and rubbed with talcum powder to shine creates another pull. Be sure to place the desired bolt head into the concrete before it dries.

Polish, lacquered sticks and pieces of leather folded in two create natural pulls for drawers.