What Are Some Design Ideas for Terra Cotta Pot Animals?


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Some fun design ideas for terra cotta pot animals are giraffes, monkeys and lions. The lion and monkey can be created with one pot each, while the giraffe uses three.

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Create the base of a monkey by painting a pot brown and placing it upside down. Then glue a doll head to the pot. Create a face by painting three overlapping circles on the head. Then paint on the eyes, nose and mouth. Create ears by cutting them from brown craft foam and gluing them to the head. Glue a twisted brown chenille stem to the pot for a tail.

Paint a pot in the desired color and place it upside down for a lion. Glue a doll head to the pot, and paint two overlapping circles on the head for a face. Add eyes, whiskers and a nose with black paint. Create a mane by cutting two circles with tan craft foam, one slightly smaller than the other. Cut one hole in the center of each and place them around the face. Create ears using foam, which is cut out and attached to the head. Fold two orange chenille stems in half and twist them. Paint the ends brown and glue the tail to the body.

For a giraffe, paint three descending sized pots and a doll's head yellow. Paint a small pot brown. Glue the small pot to the front of the head, and stack and glue the three remaining pots. Next, glue the head to the body. Cut foam to create ears to attach to the head. Paint brown spots onto the body and head. Add eyes and a nose with black paint. Cut two pieces of brown chenille stem and roll the ends to create horns, which are then glued to the head.

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