How Do You Design Fabric?


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Create or select a design or image for the fabric. Upload that image to a photo editing program, and then manipulate it to create a clean design. Upload the final design to a fabric printing website, such as Spoonflower and Woven Monkey. Order and pay for fabric printing costs.

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Decide whether to use photographs, collaged art or drawn images for the fabric. Using the photo editing program, zoom into the image to remove stray marks and smooth the edges. Additionally, crop, manipulate size and colors, and add borders to the fabric image. Make the design at least 150 pixels, to get it as clear as possible.

Repeat the image during the initial photo editing stage or use the repetition tool on Woven Monkey or Spoonflower's websites. Each website offers several image repetition options: no repetition, mirrored, scattered, and repeating the image two or three times.

Woven Monkey's fabric options include different variations of cotton, such as drill, poplin and satin cotton. Spoonflower's fabrics include satin, silk, jersey and cotton.

Both Woven Monkey and Spoonflower have three size options: test swatch, fat quarter and yard. As of 2015, the prices of the fabric depend on the type and size, but generally range from about $5 and $30 per quantity.

It takes Spoonflower and Woven Monkey between 7 and 10 days to deliver designed fabrics.

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