How to Design an Egg Car?

Designing egg cars is a fun twist on the classic egg drop project. To keep the egg from cracking, design a safe environment with plenty of protection for the egg when it crashes into something. Materials can vary, and being creative is encouraged. Some ideas of what to start with include springs, rubber bands, water bottles, balsa wood, wheels, axles, eye screws, thin braided rope, hot glue, straws and cardboard.

  1. Make the frame

    To start off, build the frame of the car by attaching straws or strips of balsa wood to the wheels using hot glue. Make sure the wheels line up so the car moves in a straight direction. Also make sure the wheels are attached securely enough that they won't fall off while the car is rolling. Then build up from there to form the box that the egg will ride in.

  2. Protect the egg

    Attach several rubber bands to the side of the box, and wrap the other end around the egg to provide a springy atmosphere for the egg to ride in.

  3. Test the car

    Test your creation by rolling the finished car down a ramp so that it crashes into something. If you've designed it correctly, the rubber bands will provide enough give so that the egg does not break. If it does, replace it with another egg, adjust your design slightly, and try again.