How Do I Describe Why I Love Arts and Crafts?

describe-love-arts-crafts Credit: Carissa Rogers/CC-BY 2.0

When expressing a love of arts and crafts for the purpose of obtaining a job, touching on how they help develop important social, communication, decision making, creativity and intellectual prowess is a good approach. When expressing a love of arts and crafts to people, focusing on the internal satisfaction from creating and completing a project is sufficient. Simply expressing one's emotions as they relate to crafting is also appropriate.

Research demonstrates that engaging in arts and crafts as a hobby is beneficial in many ways to both children and adults. Arts and crafts are an ideal way to help young children develop motor skills, for instance. Studies also suggest that there is a connection between intellectual development and engaging in some type of artistic expression for people of all ages. Arts and crafts also aid in the development of problem solving abilities.

Essentially, those who engage in arts and crafts begin with a collection of materials and then shape, position and connect them into a finished product. For both children and adults, arts and crafts are also social. They facilitate an open, relaxed environment in which people can engage with each other. Of course, communication is the crux of arts and crafts. Each project is a way for individuals to send a message to others about themselves.