How Is the Demo of "Kerbal Space Program" Different From the Actual Game?


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The demo version of the game "Kerbal Space Program" is different from the full version in that it does not contain all the features of the full version, such as access to all customization options and activities. The demo version is also updated less frequently than the full version.

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The game "Kerbal Space Program" is a simulation and resource management game that allows the player to create a fully functional space exploration program from the ground up. The first phase of the game's Career Mode involves the player designing a spacecraft that allows her to send a crew into space. The spacecraft must be assembled piece by piece, with mechanics in the game for managing various parts and components. Choosing the right parts has a direct impact on the ship's ability to function. Once the craft is built, players manage the ship's crew in space and participate in various missions of exploration and creation.

Players also have the option of playing in a Sandbox mode, which does not have the same linear restrictions as the Career Mode. In the Sandbox mode, players can create a variety of spaceships and experiment with the game's physics engine and building systems freely without risk of wasted resources or penalties.

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