How Do You Delete Your Xbox Profile?

To delete an Xbox profile from a system, go to Settings, then System on the Xbox menu. Then, select the type of storage you used to save the profile. In the storage section, go to the Profiles option. Find the profile to delete, select it and click Delete. The process takes just a few minutes.

  1. Go to the system settings

    Turn on the Xbox, and go to the system's main menu. Click on the Settings button. Then, click on the Systems button to see the system details. From there, select Storage.

  2. Choose the correct storage drive

    If the Xbox has an external hard drive, then select the hard drive option. If the Xbox has no external hard drive, then select the all drive option. The system's storage displays all the content on the device at the present time. Select the option that says Profiles.

  3. Select the correct profile, and delete it

    Choose the profile to be deleted. You have the option to delete only the profile, or you can choose to delete the selected profile as well as all the content associated with it. Choose the option you desire, and then select the Delete button. This deletes the profile from the system.