How Do You Defeat General Raam in Gears of War?

How Do You Defeat General Raam in Gears of War?

To defeat General Raam at the end of Gears of War, clear away the kryll flying around Raam before firing on him directly. The kryll protect Raam from harm while surrounding him.

  1. Pick up weapons before the battle

    Just before the door that leads to the battle with General Raam, an array of weapons is available. Select a primary weapon best suited to your preferences that can be used at long range. Both the Lancer and the sniper rifle are effective weapons for this battle. Take the torque bow as the secondary weapon. Fill ammunition and grenades as much as is available.

  2. Start the boss battle

    Head through the final door. A cinematic plays, showing General Raam arriving for the final confrontation. Once the cinematic is over, take cover in any section that is well lit. The kryll attack if the player steps too far into the shadows.

  3. Clear away the kryll

    While in cover, equip the torque bow. Charge up a shot by holding the right trigger, and then fire the charged shot at General Raam. Any impact on his body scatters the kryll that shield him. Frag grenades that explode very near to him also have this effect.

  4. Shoot General Raam

    While the kryll fly around, not protecting Raam, fire on him with the primary weapon. Aim for his head to do the most damage, and try for active reloads to increase the power of some shots. Once the kryll return to shield Raam, damage from this weapon is minimized, so the kryll must be cleared by an explosive weapon again.

  5. Evade Raam and continue to fight

    During the fight, General Raam moves closer to the player. When he is almost upon the character, rush around him and down the center of the train car, remaining in the light. Take cover on the opposite side of the block there and continue fighting, clearing kryll and shooting at Raam's head. If the computer-controlled partner is downed, which is likely to happen, do not risk death to try picking him up. Focus on killing Raam to finish this battle.