What Are Some Decorated Bottle Ideas?


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Some decorated bottle ideas include wine bottle lamps, liquor bottle lamps and painted stained glass bottle lamps. Additional ways to decorate bottles include decoupage, painting and glass etching.

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The materials needed to make a wine bottle lamp are a string of Christmas lights, an empty wine bottle, a cordless drill, a special hole cutting drill bit for glass in 1/4 inch size, masking tape, a 1/4 inch rubber grommet, and a spray bottle with water in it. Clean and dry an empty wine bottle, and save the cork. Put a piece of tape on the back of the wine bottle where the hole is to be drilled. Spray the tape with water and slowly drill the hole in the bottle, spraying frequently to avoid cracking it. Then remove the tape, wash the bottle, and set aside to dry. Once dry, string the lights through the drilled hole, insert the rubber grommet into the hole, and replace the cork.

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