How Do You Decorate Unpainted Ceramics?

How Do You Decorate Unpainted Ceramics?

To decorate unpainted ceramic objects, apply acrylic paints to the ceramic with a 1/2-inch flat acrylic paint brush. A soft cloth, a fine-grit sanding sponge, a regular sponge and a can of matte spray varnish are also useful for the painting process.

First, gently wipe the ceramic with the sandpaper to remove any bumps. Then, wash the ceramic with a sponge, and dry it with a soft cloth. Apply one coat of matte spray varnish, and allow the ceramic to dry.

Once the varnish has completely dried, begin painting the ceramic using the brush and the acrylic paints. Start by adding two base coats of paint in order to create a solid foundation. Allow this coat to dry before applying more paint.

It is recommended to use a variety of different colors to achieve a more balanced-looking finished product. Dark colors are more useful for shading, and light colors work best when used as highlights. Be sure to allow time for the paint to dry before applying a new coat, and bear in mind that colors often blend together if applied at the same time.

When the painting process is complete, apply two to three coats of spray varnish to the ceramic to preserve the color, and make sure to always use the spray varnish in a well-ventilated area.