How Do You Decorate Roller Shades?


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Although traditional roller shades aren't necessarily very attractive, they are often the least expensive option for covering windows. Decorate roller shades to make them a focal point of a room.

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  1. Gather your materials

    To decorate a roller shade, you need 2 yards of fabric, decorating trim, spray fabric adhesive, double-sided adhesive tape and scissors. You also need the hardware required to hang the shade. You may want to wear a painter's mask while working on the shade, and you may also want to use a drop cloth to protect the surrounding area as you work.

  2. Attach the fabric to the shade

    Lay the shade out flat on your drop cloth. Put on your painter's mask if you are using one, and open windows for ventilation. Spray the surface of the shade that faces into the room with adhesive glue from about 6 to 8 inches above the surface of the shade. Cover the shade completely. Immediately lay out the fabric carefully over the adhesive. Push out all wrinkles quickly so they do not set as the glue dries.

  3. Trim the shade

    Trim the edges of the fabric to the exact edge of the shade. Once the glue is dry, roll the shade up. Measure your trim against the bottom edge of the shade, then cut it, leaving an extra ? inch to 1 inch on each side. Attach the double-sided adhesive tape to the shade's bottom edge. Press the trim on to the tape. Tuck each end of the trim around to the back of the shade, taping it into place. Hang the shade.

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