How Do You Deactivate a PlayStation 3?


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To deactivate a PlayStation 3 gaming console, the user must first connect to the Internet, log on to his account on the PlayStation Network, and deactivate his account via the "Account Management" option. PlayStation devices are only allowed a certain number of active games and videos per PlayStation Network account. For the PlayStation 3 console, two active games and one video are allowed per device.

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If a user has reached the maximum number of active games or video content per PlayStation Network account, he or she will not be able to activate another device for the account. For example, if a user has a PlayStation 3 activated for video content, he or she can no longer activate another PlayStation 3 device using the PlayStation Network account.

The following shows the step-by-step process of deactivating a PlayStation 3 device:

Step 1: Log in

Log on to the account on the PlayStation Network using the PlayStation 3 device.

Step 2: Account management

After logging on, proceed to "Account Management."

Step 3: System activation

Choose "System Activation" and select "PS3."

Step 4: Deactivate

The user will be asked the type of content he or she wishes to deactivate. After selecting either "Games" or "Video," press "X." This should deactivate the device for either the game or video content.

Alternatively, the user may also use a remote PC or Mac to deactivate the game content on all his or her Playstation devices at once via the Internet.

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