What Is a Dark Magician Deck List?

A "Dark Magician" deck list refers to "Yu-Gi-Oh!" cards that support Dark Magician archetypes in a duel. A Dark Magician deck relies on several support cards and spell cards to try to summon spellcaster-type monsters as quickly as possible. One weakness of this type of deck is that opponents can cripple the strategy using spell and trap cards that prevent summoning certain types of monsters.

Dark Magician is a normal monster with 2,500 attack points and 2,100 defense points. In order to normal summon this card, players must sacrifice two monster cards already on the field. However, other cards can be used to special summon Dark Magician, such as "Skilled Dark Magician" which needs three spell cards to activate its effect. When Skilled Dark Magician's effect activates, the player can bring Dark Magician into play from the deck, hand or graveyard without sacrificing two monsters.

Other cards that can help bring Dark Magician to play faster include "Magical Dimension," "Ancient Rules" and "Sage's Stone." The monster card "Dark Magician Girl" is also recommended in a Dark Magician deck, since that is an effect card that enables the player to increase the card's attack by 300 for every "Dark Magician" card in either player's graveyard.

More support cards in this deck protect a player from attacks in order to summon Dark Magician cards more readily. "Nightmare's Steel Cage" and "Swords of Revealing Light" prevent an opponent's attack in case there are no Dark Magician monsters on the field.