What Is Dante's Devil Trigger?


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The Devil Trigger is a term from the game franchise "Devil May Cry." The Devil Trigger refers to the manifestation of the true power of the protagonist, Dante.

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Dante's Devil Trigger can be activated in this game series only by filling the associated on-screen gauge using Devil Trigger power-ups. Once the gauge reaches a certain threshold, it can be unleashed in order to deal increased damage, improve Dante's armor rating, speed regeneration and make aerial combat maneuvers easier to complete. This remains active until the gauge is emptied or the player deactivates the Devil Trigger. A fringe benefit of the activation also provides for more style points and increased combination attack opportunities, making it possible to earn higher scores while the Devil Trigger is active. Enemies are also launched into the air in some of the "Devil May Cry" series, eliminating them as threats, while still allowing the player to attack them freely. In the most recent installment of the series, the Devil Trigger ability is not available until the ninth mission, when it is unlocked during game play. This ability is seen throughout the "Devil May Cry" franchise, originally causing a complete change in the Dante's appearance in the first four games.

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