Who Is Dante in DmC 5?


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In the game "DmC" or Devil May Cry, the 5th game in the franchise and a reboot of the story, Dante is the main protagonist. He is a hybrid, referred to in the game's story as a nephilim, a creature born of an angel mother and demon father.

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While there is a focal conflict in the story, the majority of the game's attention is on Dante and his self discovery. This fifth installment follows him as he discovers everything from his true parentage to an unknown sibling. From the beginning of the game, it's clear that Dante knows little about his own potential. He is guided by several unique characters until he reaches his full potential in a final showdown at the end of the game. The player's progress through the game determines where Dante eventually falls on the sliding scale of morality, as well as how powerful he becomes by the final battle. Various power ups and collectibles scattered throughout the game can be used to improve Dante's abilities. These items can unlock attacks and combinations as well as increase the power of those same attacks. Only through gameplay can Dante gain access to certain features available to him via his angelic and demonic heritage, such as activating hidden abilities of his father's sword.

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