What Is Damath?

Damath is an educational board game involving math that originated in the Philippines. It is ostensibly similar to chess or checkers, and the game takes place on a small checker board.

Unlike chess or checkers however, the board is marked with various mathematical symbols, including the operation signs for subtraction, multiplication and division. The game takes its name from the traditional board game "dama" and the word "mathematics."

The game is a young one, invented by a math teacher in the Philippine province of Sorsogon in 1975.

The basic rules of the game involve the players moving chips around the board while attempting to remove their opponents chips. This is achieved by skipping over a chip in the same manner as in the game checkers, but the offensive player must correctly solve a math problem before they are allowed to capture an opponents counter.

Damath is suitable for people of all ages, as the numbers involved may increase in complexity depending on the age group of the students in question. Typically whole numbers are used for younger children, while play among older students may also involve decimals and fractions, as well as trigonometry, logarithmic function and the Fibonacci sequence.

Obviously the game started out as a simple board game, but digital versions of the game are increasing in popularity.