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In "The Elder Scrolls" series of video games, players can occasionally complete quests for powerful demons known as Daedric Princes, who then give out their personal artifacts as a reward. These items are usually weapons or armor, but they are occasionally special items.

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"Skyrim," the fifth game in the "Elder Scrolls" series, has sixteen Daedric quests, each with an obtainable item. Some of the Daedric artifacts include the sword Dawnbreaker, the Blade of Mephala, the dremora-summoning staff Sanguine Rose and Azura's Star, which is an infinitely-usable soul gem used for enchanting weapons and armor. The items have enchantments, but characters with high enough Enchanting and Smithing skills can craft items that outclass them with the right combinations.

The Daedric Princes are frequently evil, or at least amoral, and require the player to perform questionable actions, such as killing allies or the innocent. Depending on how the player has chosen to go through the game this may not be desirable. For example, a heroic character may not want to complete these quests. The Daedric Princes offer a choice at the end of their quest and either reward the player or send them on their way. Gathering 15 of the Daedric artifacts gives the player the "Oblivion Walker" achievement and trophy.

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