How Do I Cut Vinyl for Wall Lettering?

How Do I Cut Vinyl for Wall Lettering?

How Do I Cut Vinyl for Wall Lettering?

To cut vinyl for wall lettering, print out the letter onto label paper, trace the desired shape onto vinyl paper and cut it out. Attach the letter to the vinyl, and carefully cut out the letter shape. You need label paper, vinyl paper, a computer, a printer and sewing scissors to complete this process.

  1. Print the first letter

    Open Microsoft Word or a similar word-processing program, choose your preferred font and size, and type the desired letter. Print the letter onto regular paper until you find the right size, and then print it onto label paper when you're satisfied with the image.

  2. Trace a shape on the vinyl paper

    Choose a shape for your border. For a circle, trace the lid of a pot. Be sure to trace a shape that is large enough to fit the letter. If you're not using a negative-space letter, the shape doesn't matter, and you can simply cut it out of the vinyl as is.

  3. Attach the label paper letter

    Carefully cut out the vinyl shape. Attach the label paper with the printed letter to the vinyl.

  4. Cut out the letter

    Using a small pair of sewing scissors or a sharp utility knife, cut out the printed letter. Do this slowly to avoid jagged edges. Remove the remaining label paper after cutting.

  5. Apply the vinyl lettering to the wall

    Place the vinyl letter or the negative-space letter on the wall as desired. Use a credit card to smooth out any wrinkles.