How Do You Cut Paper Snowflakes for Kids?

How Do You Cut Paper Snowflakes for Kids?

How Do You Cut Paper Snowflakes for Kids?

Whether the snow of winter is coating the ground or the heat of summer is thick in the air, paper snowflakes are easy and fun to create and make bright, festive decorations. Martha Stewart explains the process of creating a paper snowflake, which can be followed by people of all ages. The materials needed are a square piece of white paper and a pair of scissors.

  1. Fold the paper into a small triangle

    Begin with a square piece of white paper. Fold it in half diagonally to create a triangle, then fold it in half to make a smaller triangle. Fold in half once more to make an even smaller triangle.

  2. Fold into thirds and cut

    Fold the small triangle into thirds by folding each side down so that they overlap. If you've folded correctly, the two corners will be pointing down in the same direction. Cut across the bottom to cut off these points and make a straight edge.

  3. Cut the snowflake design and unfold

    Cut a design into the folded triangle by combining different sizes and shapes. A larger variety of cut-outs results in a more creative and ornate design. After cutting out the desired amount of shapes, fully unfold the paper, being gentle so as not to rip it. The paper snowflake is now finished and ready to be placed anywhere.